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transatlantic merger cases united states european community merger review co operation

European Commission prohibits two mergers The European Commission has prohibited Siemens' proposed acquisition of Alstom under the EU Merger Regulation. The merger ...

EU’s Vesatager on Google, Mergers, Cooperation With U.S. Sep.18 -- European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager discusses cooperation with U.S. agencies, the EU’s ...

EU Competition Law Cartels, Dominant Positions

transatlantic cultural exchange african american womens art and activism in west germany american studies

Treva Lindsey on African American Women in Jim Crow Washington, D.C. "Colored No More: Reinventing Black Womanhood in Washington, D.C." explores the untold history of Black women in the ...

African american studies

African-American Women (&Men) , Protection, & Activism in Early 20th-Century America "In Defense of Themselves: African-American Women (and Men),

transatlantic colum mccann

Conversation: Colum McCann, Author of 'TransAtlantic' Frederick Douglass traveling through Ireland in 1845 to stir up support for his abolitionist cause. The first non-stop flight across the ...

Colum McCann "TransAtlantic" This event was recorded at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC, on June 12, 2013. More information is available at ...

Colum McCann

transatlantic abolitionism in the age of revolution an international history of anti slavery c 1787

Slavery - Crash Course US History #13 In which John Green teaches you about America's "peculiar institution," slavery. I wouldn't really call it peculiar. I'd lean more ...

A4. The British Anti-Slavery Movement: Setbacks and Success, 1793-1807 By Peter Smith. Setbacks for British Abolitionism at the onset of the French Wars but

transatlantic trade and investment partnership benefits and concerns for america

What is the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership? The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership is a trade deal between the EU and the US - and is anything but harmless.

TTIP Explained: Understanding the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) "TTIP Explained" The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a far reaching