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iraqi arab nationalism authoritarian totalitarian and pro fascist inclinations 1932 1941 soasroutledge studies on the middle east

Pan-Arab Nationalism International Relations in the Middle East“ is an online course on Janux. Learn more at http://janux.ou.edu. Created by the ...

WW1 and Arab Nationalism

History of Iraq from 1920-1940 History of Iraq.

Kurdish christians don't practice arab religon (Islam) anymore Kurdish people leave islam which they forced to practice 1400 years

iraqi seismic code requirements for buildings

Iraqi Seismic Code A Brief Review A lecture is given at University of Kufa at Dec. 14, 2017. The lecture was part pf the symposium titled: "Seismic Activity in Iraq and ...

Iraqi Seismic Code: A Brief Review Raising the awareness towards the dangers of earthquakes and drawing the attention of specialists;